With less and less smart phone manufactures deciding to ditch the 3.5mm headset jack for a wireless audio solution, consumers have been forced to turn to third party audio manufactures for a solution on wireless headsets. There are however a tonne of Bluetooth headsets in the market, amazing and horrible in equal measure. So where can one get good Bluetooth headsets that are great and  don’t send you to your chamaa begging for an advance?

Que the drums… SODO MH4 Bluetooth 2 in 1 Bluetooth Headsets and speaker. I have not heard of this company yet, is it any good? You ask. Well, I have been testing these for a few days now and only have good things to say about the device. First let’s get the technical info out of the way.


Name:  SODO MH4 Bluetooth 2 in 1 Bluetooth Headsets and speaker

Connectivity: Bluetooth V 4.2


Battery Capacity:  450 mAh

Music Time: Headphone Mode: Up to 7 hours

                        Speaker Mode: Up to 3.5 hours

Charging time:  2.5 hours

Working distance: Up to 10 meter open space


  • Hands free call mode
  • FM Radio
  • SD card slot
  • Speaker mode
  • Headphone mode
  • Easy access keys
  • 5mm pin


The Box:


In the box you will find the headsets, a quick start guide, an aux-in cable, a USB 2 to charge the headsets and a water proof carrying bag.




The look and feel:


The headsets fold up into a small package that makes it easy to curry around wherever you are going. The outer ear cups have a matte hard plastic material that looks like a metal detail that gives it a very premium feel. A chrome strip is added around the ear cups to give it a shinny finish that makes it look really stylish. On the inside, the ear cups have a very soft pudding that’s covered with leather. The padding makes it comfortable around the ear, and exerts just the right amount of pressure to block out all the noise but not too much to feel uncomfortable. After using them for hours the pressure around my ears was pretty much unnoticeable. It also helps that they are build quite solid with hard plastic but at the same time are quite light weight and won’t weigh your head down after long use. The top padding is also made of soft foam covered with leather to give it a premium feel, wearing it appears as if it’s floating on the top your head and is hardly noticeable.

All the buttons on the right outer ear cups are easily accessible and have a solid click which should be quite durable after taking it through a good amount of use.

There’s only one rocking button at the bottom of the left ear cup that acts as the on/off button as well as the mode select. Next to it a small service light is located which has different colors for different modes(Blue for bluetooth mode, red for radio mode and green for charging). It however isn’t too bright to dazzle or alert potential burglars when used at night. Just the right amount of light to be seen in very close range by the user.


The Sound:

I took the headsets through varying sound scenarios, including high bass music, pronounced mids, gentle piano sounds, high action movies, dialogue scenarios, calls, gaming and news setting. I found the sound to be quite balanced and smooth which helped a lot as I didn’t have to invest in Panadol after hours of use. The bass on it is present and noticeable but not over emphasised, if you want that extra bass, you might need to equalise or pump the volume a bit more.

Putting on the headsets automatically drown down the ambient sound giving it a feeling of Noise cancellation. Music even at low volumes renders most ambient sound unnoticeable (unless you are in a Rongai Mat sitting next to the sub Woofer).


The Features:

Bluetooth connection is really quick and easy. I am however an NFC buff and I preferred that as the connection is instant.

The most interesting feature is of course the fact that you can make it a speaker. By twisting the left ear cup, you will hear a satisfying click sound and the headphones switch to speaker mode. The sound is really loud and I was happy to note that even in max volume the bass does not distort at all. It does not seem to struggle and still maintains its balanced sound.

 Twist out for Speaker mode

Twist back in for Headphones mode

The Price:

Remember when you went online on search of a good head set and got shocked out of the browser, well this one is very conveniently priced and will guarantee you have enough cash to buy another pair for bae. To check the retail price and purchase follow the following link.




These headsets are pretty impressive especially for the price. I easily used it through 7 hours of a single charge without an issue. The sound is crisp and balanced which I really liked. The build quality is good and it feels really premium.

I however got a few seconds delay when using the hands free call mode. That however to me isn’t a deal breaker as the on call sound was really clear and I was able to be heard well once it connected.